BillPayment - Made Easy

How Do I Set Up A Bill Payment?

When setting up bill payment you must first have a business or person to pay.

Click on the grey tab at the top " bill payment." 

Click on "add payee" on the bar just below the grey tabs.


During the process of adding a payee, (the person/business you want to pay) it searches to see if electronic payment is possible, if not, a check will be created and sent through the mail.  In the following example I created a person to mail a check to. 

*Note: ALL other bills and payments can also added at anytime.  When you are doing a bill payment make sure you match your billing account number with the "Payee Account Number."  (for example, I would have entered my sprint account number to setup paying my cell phone bill every month)

To finish, Click the button "Add Check Payee" and follow it up with "SUBMIT."

Now that you have your payee created, you can schedule a payment.

How Do I Schedule A Payment?

Click on "New Payment" here:


For some reason a "Quick Payment" method is automatically decided for you.  After you are more familiar with bill payment this will help you, but at this time we are skipping it.

This is a good option for a one-time payment but if you would like more control over it (scheduling, ect...) then you can change it to a regular payment by clicking "Add Payment." (highighted)


After clicking "Add Payment" you have control on who to pay, how often, how much, etc.....

You can select various ways to pay, and how long to pay.


Furthering this example, I am going to pay "a good friend" at the first of every month, 5.00 from my checking account. (starting in April)

So I select the payee to "a good friend" and enter the amount 5.00.

I then set the frequency to monthly, check the box for no expiration and click submit.

*NOTE:  I want to start the payment at least 7 to 10 days prior to when I want the check to arrive. I will start the payment on the 23rd.


*Note: If a check is being made the time allowed should be 7 to 10 days.  If it is electronic payment it should be 3 to 4 days. 

If there are any other questions or comments please contact Customer Service.